The origins of the Berimbau tee began when we first read about Mestre Acordeon and his B2B Joga Capoeira project.

On September 01, 2013 commemorating his 70th birthday, Mestre Acordeon began an ambitious year long journey from Berkeley, CA to his hometown of Salvador da Bahia, BR – a 14,000 mile journey on bicycle accompanied by fellow Capoeirstas. The project will document his travels and the development and influence Capoeira has had within the 11 countries he and his team will pass through en route to Bahia. The material collected will be documented into four cultural products to raise funds with all earnings dedicated to Mestre Acordeon’s nonprofit Project Kirimure. Project Kirimure is a social program that provides a positive learning environment for at risk youth in Salvador, BR.

It inspired us to design the Berimbau tee!
Proceeds of the first 10 shirts sold and $1 of every shirt sold thereafter will be donated to Mestre Acordeon’s campaign.

If you would like additional information, follow or donate visit B2B Joga Capoeira
If you would like to learn more about Mestre Acordeon’s nonprofit, visit Project Kirimure